New strings for acoustic guitar and Fingerpicks


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My Swing SM-100 is about 5 months old and recently my 1st string snapped.Strange though, it happened too with my classical guitar in the past.(Do the 1st string always fails first? XD)
Could anyone tell me the appropriate time to change guitar strings? or how to know if its time, apart from hearing it?

1) Any recommendations for a new pack of strings? Cost? Brand? Type? and Why?

2) I'm currently into fingerpicking because of Sungha Jung(look up his vids, its awesome), so are there any finger picks sold here in SG?

Thank you! :p
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Yes, the thinnest string is easiest to break, but 5 months is also a long time. You will find some people who change strings weekly (or more often!), but for the casual player it is up to you, especially if the strings don't rust, you can just continue to play. But you will find that the sound quality will slowly deteriorate and when you change the full set of strings, your guitar will come back to life.

Just walk into any guitar shop in Excelsior/Peninsula area and pick up some strings, anywhere from $4 to $10. Just try out different brands over the next few months as you have no preference now, but you might find one brand you like more.

Never bought fingerpicks but if they could be found anywhere it would be in the same area.
But you will find that the sound quality will slowly deteriorate and when you change the full set of strings, your guitar will come back to life.
True!, because my tuner meter went crazy and now it sounds weaker. Thanks, i'll try different brands first.

But, the gauges? e.g. Extra light-Light etc. Which to choose from?
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The basic signs that it's time to change strings:
- Strings aren't shiny anymore.
- Strings feel rough and have rust.
- Guitar is coming out of tune quite often.
- Strings feel more rigid and less flexible than they were originally.
- Tone sounds 'deader', basically darker, duller and less brilliant.

Gauge-wise, don't bother with the Extra-light, Light, etc classifications. These classifications differ from brand to brand, hence are inaccurate. I bought a Light set from GHS and the gauge was actually 12.

Look at the exact gauge (10-52, 11-56, etc, or just gauge 10, 11, 12, etc). It'll be written on the packet. If you haven't had your guitar setup for thicker strings, the default gauge should be 10. Don't get a thicker gauge unless you get your guitar setup for that particular gauge.
By the way, you can prolong string-life by wiping your strings with a dry cloth after every playing session and keeping the guitar in the case if you won't be playing for long periods of time. I have dry hands and my strings last over half a year... I use Ernie Ball uncoated strings, which aren't known to be particularly long-lasting.
Great advice, thanks will take note. I got a recommendation and bought Dunlop Med-Lt 11 from Yamaha at Tampines.
So far its good but i have yet to find finger picks -.-""

P.S : Its my first time changing and i broke the high E(there goes my $).
Then i learnt about compensation and successfully replaced 5 strings.