New original song demos!


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Hey there folks. Been working on some songs over the past year, and would like to share them with you. Pretty raw stuff, done up on my own in Garageband with minimal gear. Mix isn't exactly ideal either - limited by my (lack of) mixing skill and lousy ears. But its enough to get the general idea across I suppose.

Anyways, you can check out the songs here:

Do be kind :)

also, here:

And if you like em enough, do drop by and visit my band's Facebook page here:

Have a good one!

i listened to your songs and they're really good! i'm actually looking for a songwriter to write some songs so i can record a demo or EP or something. if you're interested, text me at 90106979. thanks. :)
thanks for the offer, but i'm quite busy these days. not sure if I'll be able to commit to this right now... maybe next time!