New Ibanez book - anyone got?


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Anyone know where I can get this locally?

I checked with Swee Lee a few months ago, they do not know there's such a book released by Ibanez.

Woot? Swee Lee doesn't know? Neither do I :lol:

It looks kinda kewl . . . Is it sort of lyk a history book of Ibanez?
2 places i can recommend:

1) Borders
2) Kinokuniya at Takashimaya - they have better sellection for books actually. and its rare for them to not have any book titles.

both of these places let u do special order for books. Borders is especially good. i've ordered a few books from them. but i'm not sure if they impose x-tra charges now, like for their CD's. Kinokuniya have the same service too.
hey does borders or kinokuniya take in dvd's? i've ben looking all over siongapore looking for one particular music dvd but to no avail.... does anyone know?