New Dream Theater track! Thoughts?



Came out yesterday, really loving the music, definitely a step back into Images & Words and older albums, MOAR PROG! Really digging Petrucci's lead tone and the lack of Rudess solo-wank :p
Don't get me wrong I love the guy but this is much better. Pretty cool choir sounds at the start, and the recurring keyboard riff over the guitar.

Vocal wise is kinda a disappointment though, was expecting more but its not like its a deal breaker or anything.

Drums sound pretty cool, although I think it could have been much better with Mangini actually writing the parts.

Definitely a great track, CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM!
That's my first thought too. Definitely a good step back. I didn't enjoy the more traditional metal style of some songs in Black Clouds & Silver Linings and Systematic Chaos.

But nothing really stands out. You could just fit it into one of the older albums as middle of the album filler stuff. Then again I've always been more critical of their songs with vocals and just take better to their instrumentals.

And is it me or are the drums really soft in the mix?
I got a hint of 'pull me under' in the beginning. Dunno why but I was like 'are they drawing influence from themselves?' haha.