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Hi all musicians
Influence - GnR, Mr Big, Deep Purple, Superfly (Jap), Journey, Alicia Keys, Earth Wind & Fire, Jason Mraz, Beatles .. list goes on
Objective - Top 40s (Gigs & performance at pubs)
Vacancies - Lead guitarist, rhythem guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, male vox
Actions - Send me a PM or reply to this post. Do indicate the instrument you are playing, influence, committment and experience pls
Songs for 1st jam (tentiative)
- U shook me all night along (ACDC)
- Sweet child of mine (GnR)
- Smoke on the water (Deep Purple)
- Aint got you (Alicia keys)
- U and I both (Jason Mraz)

Well, let's work togther and see how far we goes.. Dun stop believing...
Hello, my name is Joel.
Looking at the songs you posted, i'm able to play both lead or rhythm guitar for them.

-My influence will be Classic Rock (Queen/ACDC/GnR/Velvet Revolver/Stone Temple Pilots etc.) , Blues/Blues Rock (Eric Clapton/Led Zepplin etc.) Top 40s/Pop (radio friendly music).

-Commitment wise, im able to jam anytime on weekends, weekdays- every evening to late night. (not committed to any other bands now)

-Experience- I performed almost countless times in my schools, been learning guitar under teachers for around 5 years. Twice, i played for my relative's wedding (pop songs/love ballads)

-Contact- hp: 97862015

and that's it! thanks! hope i can get an audition! DONT STOP BELIEVING, HOLD ON TO THAT FEEEEELINGGGSS~~
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