Neil Zaza- Melodica



The long-awaited album from Zeil Zaza, is IMO worth the wait. this album isn't too different from the previous offering Staring at the Sun, but there's a strong emphasis on melody as the name implies. also, Neil isn't about to abandon his shred sensibilities, in fact, Melodica features Neil's incredible fingerworks liberally. however, do not expect the outrageous gymnastics of Two Hands, One Heart, but be charmed by how soothing & refreshing the tracks in Melodica are.

an example would be Track 4: As I Go Before You- imagine sitting on the beach's break water & enjoying the wind in your face... mmmm! Neil has joined Rob Balducci in mastering the art of restraint without abandoning one's roots. apllaudable release. (Available @: Swee Lee/ Clairvoyance Rocords)


on to another agenda: Cort NZS-1
the lush tones you hear in Melodica is the product of the guitar depicted above, the Cort Neil Zaza signature. i'm thoroughly impressed by the tones on record. i thought that i'm the rare few who appreciate the Duncan Custom Custom humbucker, it seems that Neil also favours this humbucker's focused midrange & overall performance without being high output. also noteworthy is the guitar body- basswood, one which is much looked down & dismissed by sceptics but definitely a very transparent wood to let the pickups breathe through... Neil might have retired his nemerous Peavey Wolfgangs & Music Man guitars for good, who knows? 8)