need songs to practice


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anyone kno where i can get those music which is without drum and i can actually play along with it with my own beats and fills ?

let me kno please...i need them to practice :D

opps see wrong..haha...thn wat instrument u wanna play without drums?if liddat thn u post at drum section for wat?i still thought is drum solos.. :lol:
You can search online for midi files or .mp3 files that play instrumentals only without drums.

Or better still, get guitar pro 5 with RSE and mute the drums. Guitars are much louder and better like that.
hahah!!! sry if i put i the wrong a drummer im asking drummer pals for help on it ^ ^ ok then...i will get guitar pro and work it out ^ ^ thanks everyone for helping....

if you can get rhythm magazine, that's good. it comes with a cd. there are only 2 songs per issue, both with and without drums, but i think it's a really good magazine anyway. rhythm, not global rhythm.
oh wait, make that around 3 if you include the jam session, which is with and without drums too. and the bass lines. which makes it about 5. heh.
where can i get the rhythm magazine? hmm...sound intresting to me...wanna find out ^ ^ let me kno please?

It's well worth getting the Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials DVD and now there's also a play along book / cd thing now featuring music from the DVD minus the drums.... it's damn good! You'll learn a lot. Great for practicing grooves!