Need some help on Pro Tools Purchase..

dude, all i know is that you pay more for firewire because connection is about 800mbps, as compared to usb 1.1 or 2.0.

I think so.... if you use a macintosh powermac G4 or G5, it comes equipped with the firewire ports. I think the software is a standalone, you may need to buy the "dock" or the interface card to install it.

I think so only... don't blame me if I am wrong, not into such stuffs, but the firewire attracted me.. haha
There's 2 variant of Firewire 400 or 800.
PCs usually on FW400.
Newer and higher end MACs on FW800.
Hmm can u guys help me out here. I found out that the mpowered pro tools just come with the software alone. What i plan to do now is set up a home studio and im getting the audiophile 192 soundcard along with the m-audio firewire 410 audio interface. How do i connect these 2 together? Will there be cables provided for me?
Hmm, you can connect the 2 together using the SPDIF interface (using a 75ohm cable ie the yellow tipped cable you use to connect the VCR to the TV will work) but why don't you get the M-audio Delta 1010 and use 1 interface instead of 2. Less headache involved.

I've never used a Firewire soundcard together with a PCI soundcard together and would certainly be concerned with the possibility of any sync problems.

Perhaps other users of such a setup might offer their views.
Huh? is delta 1010 a soundcard even??..

I wana use Audiophile 192 as my soundcard and FireWire 410 interface as my dock and firewire 410 is not a PCI card so ?? ??? IM confused !

Firewire 410 is not a soundcard!! l0l what u mean by its a firewire soundcard? ..
Firewire 410 is a mobile recording interface.
Pardon my choice of words; soundcard is not appropriate here and perhaps audio interface would have been a better choice of word.

So to recap, the Firewire 410 is a firewire audio interface and the Audiophile 192 is a PCI audio interface.

The Delta 1010 is a "dock' so to speak and is connected to the computer via a PCI card interface.

Why would you need 2 separate interface if 1 can do the job. It is neater and less likely to cause sync problems that can cause clicks and pops.
Do note that you have to set 1 audio interface as the master (and since the Firewire 410 is a 24/96 interface and the Audiophile is a 24/192 interface, you would have to interface them at 24/96 resolution (thereby wasting the spare capacity of the higher resolution of the Audiophile 192).

ps - what are you using the Firewire 410 dock for that the 192 cannot provide? If it's for more audio input, then look at
1) Delta 1010 for PCI type audio interface
OR 2) Firewire 18/14 for firewire type audio interface.

The 24/192 resolution to me is a bit gimmicky. Very few of us here can hear the difference between 24/96 and 24/192, especially if you are recording pop/rock. The only people who are happy are hard disk makers because it takes up a lot more space at the higher resolution, forcing you to buy/upgrade to a bigger hard disk.