Need percussionist/drummer for 31st december paid gig. Urgent!!


New member
Hi guys, I am urgently looking for a percussionist, especially a djembe player, on the 31st of December. The gig is from 7 - 10pm. You will only need to play TWO quick sessions of about 5 minutes each, and part of which is with a backing track.

It's okay if you can't solo or do fancy stuff, I just need someone who can hold a strong rhythm and is comfortable playing a hand drum like the djembe.

Alternatively, if you are a DRUMMER with your own floor tom to bring, and feel you can be comfortable playing in a percussion setting, I will take that as well.

It is highly recommended that you have your own equipment because we do not have extras! Please call or message me immediately at 90011352 if you are interested and I will discuss payment and details.