need a rock/metal solid vocalist


New member
Hey Guys! I'm Lee from RaginG KarmA, would like to know if there is any vocalist available here on

soft and would like to stay committed to our band....our genre is old sch metal/rock, and we are also

universal, don't mind playing anything...we cover song from bon jovi to nirvana, seether to metallica

and some other stuff...our age range is 17-22, we are a 4 piece band and really need a good vocalist

to fill in our group...currently now, our band is recording an original and if you got lyrics to share,

that will be great! we would prefer people that has the same range of age...sms me at

84525625..tell me ur detail first..if possible, show me a video of yourself singing or jamming...alrite?

here is the link to the video of my band orignal song...its just preview of the consider...thank you!!

(if you have a keyboardist who knows how to improvise songs using his keyboard, do tell us)