NASH T-63 for sale - MINT & CHEAP!


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Hi all,

A repost.

Up for sale is a sonic blue medium relic NASH T-63. For those not in the know, Nash guitars are the best Fender custom shop replicas out there. In fact they feel and play better than most other Fender custom shop guitars I have tried. Light resonant wood with NO poly fillers whatsoever. FACT - All Fender guitars after 1965 whether custom shop or masterbuilt, whether nitrocellulose a not DO have polyurethane fillers applied onto the wood. If you ever held and play one, you will feel the difference. This tele is a light one at around 7lbs 4oz. Low Action, Frets virtually zero wear. Lollar pickups. Rosewood neck is dark and consistent. Not light and stripey. Rings like a bell for days.

The proof of value is in the resale. Nash guitars hold their value.

This sells at $2300. (case and tag included). Its virtually new. A new T-63 guitar out there costs $1750USD excl approx. $115USD shipping from the US + GST.

No trials and gig tests. I stand by what i sell. Guitar can be rejected on the spot if defects/flaws are found.

Reasonable nego is possible but obviously no lowballs.

Interested parties please call 9889 3359 for pictures.

Buy with confidence. I have sold quite a few effects, amps and guitars over from SOFT.