my chemical romance "thank u 4 the venom" solo


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ok... i've been trying to play the ending part of the solo but its juz kinda crazy.... my friend told mi its a technique called scaling... is it thru and wat the hell is scaling? :?
you just play scales in accending or decending order....

Something like a scale run I guess....

and scaling is not crazy , you just need to work on your scales that's all....8)
Now that you have to figure out yourself because there so many types of scales....

Try to find out in what scale is does the solo belong to. (eg. G major , A minor , Em pentatonic). Once you get that right , learn all the notes involved in the scale and practice it by playing the scales in accending and decending order or even both.
Dude I bought Total Guitar and that exact song was tabbed. FYI the whole thing is in B Harmonic Minor with the occasional A flat which you might have noticed in the opening riff.
can u like scan the thank you for the venom tabs for mi pls!!!!! it'll be awesome if you could!!! thx :!: :D