My Band's Demo


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Hi all,

I'll be posting some of my band's demo over here. Pls gimme some feedbacks k. Good or bad, just throw it on the table k.

Here goes 2 of em' :-

1. Lost in Love (under construction)

2. Heaven (under construction as well)

Please support our band at

hmm.....the instrumental music needs alot of improvement as well as the vocals......honestly i didn't even wanna listen to the music to the end cos it dosen't sound good to me at all......sorri if i sound mean but it's the wholly plain truth......

The 2 guitar intros...need to keep to the time signature. on the guitar intonation. It's way out.

And the singing is a bit dull.

No problem :) Thanks for the comment. I'll keep in mind the feedbacks & inform my band so that we can gorw & improve. Thanks alot.
not bad IMO...

maybe the recording is not that clear. if its clear would be more enjoyable to listen to... especially the vocals.

This is not properly recorded *hee* It's done with a digital camera *lolx*

We'll do up our demos in recording studio, then repost again :D

i think i met you somewhere before? were you ever at guitar workshop with your black gibson SG junior?

i wouldn't say that it's all bad la. it's a very very good effort. maybe it's just the recording that's why it does not sound too appealing. but i like it. great effort! of course there are things to be worked on, like the smoothness of the guitar playing etc.. there are still some rough edges that need to be smoothend out. just practice more and it'll be ok! :)

amnesiac: Thanks for the feedback. My band is still in the midst of re-organising the songs as well as to record them proper. Will keep you guys posted. :D