MXR where to buy?


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hi guys;

any idea where to get? am looking for the wylde overdrive and stereo chorus and some other stuff. thks! tried swee lee but dun have lei.

...because sold out (i tried the Wylde pedal there...)! Davis has MXR pedals too but the only one left is Van Halen's phase unit...
wah piangz so exp. ah? sighz. how abt the stereo chorus? any cheaper? the list for the EVH was usd$169? and the wylde was USD$129 i think. shucks. dun think mrmisse has it. checked his webbie..
hey subversion! thks man! appreciate it! didn't know you had a nice review corner there. hehe. guess i'll just skip the whole pedal routine afterall. sighz. so exp. argh.
it's good to invest in pedals which really adds value to your set up. otherwise, many of us here would bank on pedals to give us a desired tone but often fall short because pedals, to me, are supplementary. i always believe in getting a good guitar & amp first, pedals come later, only if necessary.

the Wylde pedals is costly, i guess the endorser's name would account for the asking price, same goes for the 10-band Kerry King EQ pedal, which is still available in the shops...