Musicians, friends wanted for band:)


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Hi guy,
25yr old male guitarist here. I've been played the guitar for 5 years and looking to form a band here. I've played in a band before but chose to leave due to the lack of direction.

Hence would like to look for some committed people to play with. I believe that friendship is the most important element in a band, with friendship then we can build on the chemistry and everyone can improve tgt and have fun. So i am extending my warmest invite to everyone here.

I played a variety of music mostly muse and RHCP but am open to many. Hope find some like minded individual out there and hopefully to produce some original this year and take part in gigs and comp.

So am currently looking for:

Keyboardist OR guiartarist

No worry about skills and experience, everyone are welcome to join:).
So gyus interested, feel free hit me up through pm or email me at

Hear from you guys soon! :)
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Hi do you still need a guitarist? Hoping to be able to create a record in the near future.
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hey id love to join as a friend haha im a normal vocalist haha nothing big but hey if u need someone to sing. do pm me. ill do my best. can play bass,guitar and also backup vocal..any position that i can still join in as?? hahaa~