Music man

sinamex is the distributor for EBMM stuff. You should be able to order what you want(model, colours, matching headstock etc) and they will bring in. The wait will be around 3-5 mths depending on the ready availabilty of the instrument. I waited close to 5 mths+ for a trans blue SR5 with matching headstock back in 20002.

Beside the waiting time, the price is higher than what you might be able to get, thru some of the US site that ship over our area. Only thing that is advantage could just be the local warranty that they cover for the bass(1yr)

Other than through sinamex, look out for used market locally. There are occasional 2nd hand/pre EB mm bass for sale through classified ads site or check out wmum shop from time to time

Another way, chk out ishibashi jap site, they have MM bass for sale and i believe they should be able to ship over. They have the US made one and also the jap made MM bass at a lower cost. You might want to check with them