Massive pedal clearance! Updated!


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Hi guys, making the switch to digital. Pedals come with box and papers unless otherwise stated.

- Korg Pitchblack Tuner ($50)

- Subdecay Proteus ($150): latest version

- Bearfoot Candiru Apple Fuzz ($150): not pictured, silicon transistors with bias trim pot

- RMC 2 Wah ($150): not pictured, gets a wide range of wah tones, older grey version, has fuzz buffer so no issues putting it before fuzz faces

- Keeley Katana ($150): original, non-mini version used by John Mayer etc. No box.

-Cioks DC5 ($150)

- 6 disaster area patch cables ($70): I have quite a bit of excess cable left. Will include that as well.

Contact me at 9856 4428 to deal. Prices are firm unless buying more than one pedal. First come first served. Trade only for a Line 6 Helix or Fractal AX8. Cheers!


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