Maple Drumset for sale - Peace DNA


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Hi guys

I am selling PEACE DNA drumset for $900 . It is in good condition. 9ply maple... All mounting system has been change to PEARL ISS mounting. Please see attached photos & info. Please contact 91833441

Its comes with
Bass drum 20"x18" 16 lug,
floor tom 14"x14" 16 lug,
tom tom 12"x9" 12 lug,
tom tom 10"x8" 12 lug,
snare drum 14"x5.5" 8 lug,
HS-7910N hi-hat stand,
CS-720 cymbal stand,
SS-810 snare stand,
BS-810 cymbal boom stand
3 Way Clamp

Infomation about the drum
Peace Drum and Percussion's new D-N-A or Dynamic-Neuro-Audiology process presents a scientific advance in the way drums are made...and played. Each hand-made component is individually test to assure peak performance and optimum sound quality. 9-Ply of 100 percent maple are treated to preserve organic livelines within the shell. Once they are fused, the thin but durable shell is cut to perfection with a dual 45 degree bearing edge. The simple, effective Duo-Tune lug and Crescent tom mounts are then employed to assure optimum resonance and tone. Where warmth and projection make each D-N-A drum superb in the studio, the Atomic Sparkle Lacquer finishes make it an aesthetically unique instrument.