M-audio firewire 410 Audio question


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sry, this is pretty urgent thats why im putting this here to get faster replies. I am currently using M-audio firewire 410 and i wana record what im hearing now. I tried to record in soundforge and i tried using all inputs but none of them worked. I also tried to record in sonar but i couldnt find the correct input to record what i was hearing. I could do that when i used creative audigy 2 ... im wondering where the input is coming from since im hearing it but i cant record it?? anyone know plz reply.. thx!
theres no audio out??? im connecting the m-audio firewire 410 by firewire port to my com... how the hell do i record wads playing back on this?..
try Start -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control

Options -> Properties ->Adjust volume for :Recording

then select the appropriate control and rasie the volume up. (Line in works for me.)
try checking the preferences of the programme you are using to record.
Try meedling with the some of the audio options and don't forget to press the record button. Most probably the main problem is at the kind of audio drivers you selected in your preferences.
try this primitive but effective way....record 'wat u hear' by connecting a cable either frm one of ur headphones output or line out output back into ur mic/line & record away with watever software u're using, do remember to adjust ur recording volume cos the signal's usually very hot at listening vol. level.