Looking for the band to sing 80's,90's rock


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I'm a Korean who just came here 2 months ago,
looking for the band to sing.

have experience in Univ. and some hobby band in Korea.
below is the list that i did in the past

- Separate ways , Journey
- I want out, Helloween
- Future world, Helloween
- Here for you, Firehouse
- Always, Bon jovi
- Just Older, Bon jovi
- Runaway, Bon jovi
- Keep the faith, Bon jivi
- Speed king, Deep Purple
- Burn, Deep Purple
- Stay together, Mr.Big
- Shine, Mr.Big
- Rock&Roll, Led Zepplin
- Don't cry, GNR
- Youth gone wild, Skid Row
- Sunday Morning, Maroon5
- This love, Maroon5

I really love 80's 90's band,
but still open to other genres.

am 42 btw.


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