Looking for singers to record acoustic covers for Youtube


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I'm a guitarist looking to partner with singers out there to record covers in an acoustic duo format (singer + guitar) and post them on Youtube. You can use these videos as well to promote your singing online. I have a song list of about 100 songs. My influences are a mix of retro artists like Beatles, Cat Stevens, Eagles, John Denver etc. and contemporary ones like Ed Sheeran, John Mayer etc. You can either pick from my list or suggest something of your own, only criteria being that its a song which can be meaningfully played on a single acoustic guitar.

You can check out this playlist which has some of my old videos for a glimpse of the intended output. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TzaJbTjYEo&list=PLhlccnYVZ3k-pfUnbbyzOoWaKZsP-WyUJ

If you're a singer and are keen to collaborate on this, then what's app me on 96683324.

Interesting. I'm always looking for collaborators. PM me or whatsapp 96909640.
Hey man, I am absolutely interested. I have a long background fronting rock bands and would love to sing acoustic covers with a capable guitarist! Let me know what you need from me.