Looking for serious Bassist and Acoustic Rhythm Guitarist.

de la Serna

New member
Looking for members to form a band with the potential of performing in pubs, events etc in future.

Currently we have a female vox, drummer and a guitarist... looking for a bassist and an acoustic rhythm guitarist (able to sing will be plus for the band). Keyboardist are considered too.

Genre can be considered as pub hits, mostly top 40s + 80s 90s + rock... so you gotta be open to various type of music.

Current members are mid-late 20s and we have played in a band together on various occasions before.

Those who can commit to regular Fri night, Sat or Sun practice sessions in central area, share the same passion, humble yet confident in their given talent will be considered.

Contact me your details at 97409420 if you are interested.

Lastly, this is a band working towards something, don't expect any shortcuts without hard work and commitment.

- Herman -