Looking for pianist/guitarist for covers. ♥


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Music influence runs from top forty billboard hits to old school jazz to melodic metal. I've had an awesome duet partner/pianist until he was kidnapped away by the SG government for NS. What I'm looking for is someone who is not only able to play well, but also with a fun personality. Takes two to tango, eh? We can start with an arranged meet up to jiggle some tunes and see where we can go from there. No obligations, I promise.

Currently I'm raping Jessie J dry on my iTunes, so that's a little something you might want to take note. Nothing too serious; jams are just like chill outs and fun. Don't be afraid, go on and type something silly down there because I won't stab... Hard. That's not a threat, really. (;

(PS: Students from ITE CE are plus points, frequent meet ups. :D)
Acoustic guitarist available here. I love playing acoustic renditions of top 40 hits and rock covers. I've been playing guitar since I was 14, so that makes it around 8 years of playing. :) Hit me with a reply regarding the songs you wish to jam around with. My number's 84487564.