Looking for J-music influenced Keyboardist.


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Hi all,

We're looking for a keyboardist for our band.
We'll be playing mostly Japanese mainstream music, with focus on ballad-rock styles. (take Gazette's Cassis or Pledge as example)

Songs we'll be playing/auditioning is:
Gazette - Cassis
Alice Nine - White Prayer
Nightmare - the World
Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky

Currently made of three core members, all male aged between 19 - 24, and a female vocalist.
Gigs and originals will be planned for.

We'll be looking out for the following requirements:
- Technical skills and knowledge of instrument - MUST be able to play the above-mentioned songs, being able to improve over time
- Commitment
- Character and personality - if we can't get along, not good working together

Race, gender and age do not matter.
Reply to thread or preferably PM. Thanks
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