Looking for guitarist


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Hello every1...

My band plays Pop Punk n PunkRock songs, our band seriously in need of 1 guitarist, willing to play rythem/solo... Let the dream of music careers begin in this band as we reaching beyond the border lines...
Interested, eply me, thanks... PunkRock...
Hi. Let me know if u still looking for guitarist. i got my own gear and been playing for 4 years now. btw, any particular songs or bands? or are u guys thinking of doing originals to start off with?

sms me @85816671.
hi man, i'm interested. I've been playing for around 10 years already. I'm 25 now... I play lots of blink and green day. Would love to try out for this. Foo fighters, No Doubt, Jimmy Eat World, American Reject. I can learn other songs from ur preferred bands if you want man. Gimme a call 81707839. Thx