Looking for female guitarist.


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Hi, we are a 3 piece punk rock outfit that just formed (havent even decided on a name yet) and we are looking for a female 2nd guitarist who can co-front our band.. Good if you sing too. So we are starting out with covers currently to focus on getting our sound tight, but we also have originals. Dont have to be super-good at playing guitar. As long as you can play powerchords and read simple tabs, you're good to go.

Our age range is 20-23, so looking for someone aged more or less near the range.The band is mainly doing punk rock with some influences like classic rock, ska... but nothing too heavy. Think Distillers, No doubt, Rancid, Blink 182 and others...

Any questions or interest pls drop me a sms at eight.5.eight.1.6ix.6ix.7.1 (adam)