Looking for Brit lovers Lead Guitarist


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Okay Lads,

We've been a 4 piece band for almost two bloody years and we think that
its time for another member to join in and fill that place up, the vocalist needs a break
and concentrate on just one instrument. We do all originals we don't really do covers maybe somtimes?
our influences would be more to the Brit Pop/Rock so as our originals. So if any of u lads out there intrested to have a go with us, drop me a post and i'll get back to u lads out there who are brave enough to have a try out, btw we are nice people. The faster we find one, maybe u lads out there can play in our upcoming gigs @ The art house and *Scape. So hear from u guys soon.

Cheers Louis (T.S.U.)
Hey. I think I'm abit late to this but,

22 yr old guitar player. Never quite fit into traditional genres, enjoys Oasis, Coldplay, The Killers, The Bravery but has never gotten down to playing too much of those.

8223 seven 573.
Hi I'm Interested, Plays UFO, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, The Killers
Im 17 yrs old been playing lead guitar for 4 yrs,
Im into blues, and rock n' roll
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