Looking for Bassist!


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Hello bass players,

We are a relatively new stoner-doom metal(with elements of groove metal/grunge/hardcore punk) duo looking to expand our band with the addition of a bassist. Our main inspirations are bands like electric wizard, alice in chains, pantera, crowbar etc.
As we are a duo, we are covering the guitars, drums, vocals, songwriting, pre-production independently.

We are not expecting professional/high-skilled players nor completely new beginners (sorry).

Ideally, we need someone who:

1. owns a bass guitar(4 or 5 string), open to using different fx pedals like chorus/distortion/fuzz etc.
2. is confident and comfortable playing bass parts written for the band.

bonus if you are:

3. an experienced bassist who has played/performed in other bands before.
4. able to write riffs/songs/ideas.

We are currently in the songwriting and demo-ing stage, so we don't have a full song out yet.
However, we can share a professional multi-track recording we did at a studio just jamming and riffing out ideas.
We hope that is enough to inspire and make you come on board. Please contact us so that we can share you the file privately.

If you're keen to try out for the band, please contact us via the information below.
Do understand that the purpose for the try out is to ensure both parties are comfortable as bandmates :)
No obligations.

Whatsapp @ 97777465