Looking for BASSIST to complete the band! Indie rock.... with materials ready to jam!


New member

Looking for a passionate-easy-going-cool-bassist who can improvise!!! The band is in their 20s.

Currently consists of 3 members, including me. Vox on guitar, drums and myself on guitar n keys.

We currently have about 6-7 songs which still need a lot of work. The music style is along the alternative/indie/pop rock genere. I think its going to be awesome....

I'm a guitarist playing for about 10 years, familar with different styles from jazz, blues, funk, pop, rock etc. I haven't been playing in a band for awhile, but I'm dying to write some stuff with some other ppl!!!!

Here r some of the bands I like, radiohead, the boxer rebellion, arcade fire, death cab for cutie, broken social scene, Jeff buckley, silversun pickups, the temper trap, mogwai, snow patrol, kings of Leon, smashing pumpkins, firekites, sigur ros, etc...

I can send you some of the clips of the songs we've been working on....

CALL ME AT 8571 5758!!
How come it's hard to find bassists?
Anyone plays a big bass? It will be cool to have one in a rock band ;P