Looking for a Rock Band - for the Demo Video of an Audio Plugin Software


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I'm Beyhan from an audio plugin company, NoiseAsh.
We are looking for a Rock Band (preferably Foo Fighters, Cold Play..etc alternative-indie style) for our forthcoming analog emulation fx plugins' video teaser.
In that video the multi-track session of the band will be mixed track by track (for example: kick, snares, bass, vocals, guitars...etc). Also we will include all of the information-social media links of the music band; at the info section of the YouTube video.

I think it will be a great opportunity for new bands in order to advertising their band name all around the world. If you have a Rock band and have a song that was recorded in multi-track; please contact us: support@noiseash.com

This is our previous video teaser for our Pultec emulation with Robert Jon And The Wreck Rock'n Roll Band.

Best Regards...