Looking for a Female Vox(Jpop)


New member
Im looking for a female vox that is into jpop =).. No experience/gig experience needed.. if you are into jpop groups/singers like K-ON!,Yui, Ai otsuka, Younha,Scandal etc.., then your welcome =)
We will progress slowly as a band.

We are more into anime covers but im open to any jpop group!
No worries as this will be our first session.. Means that once we found our vox, we will have our first meeting...

The songs we are covering for our first jam would be -
Cagayake Girls and No Thank you by K-ON!
Doll by Scandal

If you are interested, SMS 96739496.. And Ill be happy to assist your doubts..

Thank you =).
Sounds so fun! Love good old jpop:) Do upload your jams when you form your band. I would love to join but I don't think school allows me to. So sadly, I shall just sing jpop to myself (since none of my friends are into jpop-.-)