Looking for 311 fans


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As mentioned above, we are looking for musicians who loves to jam 311 songs for fun as a tribute band.

We already have a band (age between 24 to 30) but will like to invite more musicians to join in the fun! So, you are guitarists, or bassist or whatever, if you're a 311 fan, come join us!

You may contact me at 82333112 if interested.
Hey...I just moved to Singapore last night and don't have a phone or amp yet. Do you guys have an amp to play on? I'm interested in jamming some songs...I only know how to play parts of a few 311 songs (crack the code, creature feature, amber, I can't really remember, I used to listen to a lot of 311) but I think I could learn no problem (don't have a B string though, but I do have a sub-octave pedal...). Let me know...I am a pretty competent bass player...22yrs old

btw can check two samples of my playing, search "key2gb" on youtube

the samples are old but at least it's something