Live 8

Catch it on preview channel if you don't have digital cable. This sucks, the streaming isn't working fine for me. Haha. :lol:
it seems every music forum i go has at least a thread talking about LIVE 8,haha.
i wanted to watch it but i missed i guess.....
I watched the first few hours..Got Green Day, U2, Coldplay, Rem, Dido, Duran Duran, Stereophonics, Bjork, Good Charlotte...But the best has got to be green day, they really raved the crowd up 8)
Im in Australia atm so I watched it live, stayed up til 3 am watching it but got bored of the slow singing bands and not enough rock. I just wanted to see pinkfloyd but I didnt get to see them, so hopefully when they do a review broadcast tonight i'll see it.
I feel asleep before Pink Floyd came on :oops:

But I caught most of the major acts, Coldplay, U2, Greenday, Audioslave etc.

U2 gave an electrifying performance IMO, Greenday too. :D
I saw one of the guitarist used a beautiful Taylor guitar. Can't remember which band, I think it's duran2
I liked Muse's performance, they had pretty good showmanship. Plus the guitar that the vox/guitarist used was damn unique, a chrome telecaster.
pink floyd was so awesome, but i think the preview channel dudes cut it in favour of motley crue :cry:

david gilmour still looked pissed, roger waters looked like he was a little bit too happy.. but i enjoyed it!!..
tany said:
how ur get to watch?

You'll need cable to watch...on Starhub Channel 1 or Channel 26.

Nevermind if you miss it. Wait for the DVD. Of course, it's unlikely that they will feature everyone on the DVD.

I've watched about 8 hours of it. And there so many acts happening concurrently that we get to see only the more popular artistes or groups.
Got this from about the "after effects" of Live 8.

The Live 8 Effect

Although Live 8 was created for a good cause, it would be fun to see if the artists who performed possibly had an increase in album, supposes AudioAgression. As with the 1985 Live Aid, the bands that took part this year have seen their album sales exploding in the immediate aftermath of the music festival.

HMV has revealed that fans rushed to the shops yesterday (July 3rd) to purchase albums of the likes of Pink Floyd, who have seen album sales increase of 1,343%. The Live 8 effect is expected to continue as the week goes on, with HMV’s Gennaro Castaldo explaining: "This snapshot still shows that, like its predecessor 20 years ago, the Live 8 concert is having a marked effect on sales of featured artist recordings. It's likely this impact will become more pronounced throughout the week."

HMV's full list of the artists on Live 8 who received an increase in album sales can be found at this location. Some of the listed acts are shown below.

22. Coldplay 'X&Y' - 3%
21. Stereophonics 'Language, Sex, Violence, Other' - 36%
20. REM 'Reveal' - 50%
18. The Beatles 'Number 1s' - 71%
15. U2 'Best Of: 1990 –' - 116%
14. The Killers 'Hot Fuss' - 131%
05. Razorlight 'Up all Night' - 335%
04. Dido 'Life for Rent' - 412%
02. The Who 'Then & Now' - 863%
01. Pink Floyd 'Echoes - Best Of' - 1,343%