Line 6 spider 30watt

hey dood;

i just got me the roland cube30 for like $315.
played a epi LP thru it and it was shiok. the jc clean, classic stack and r'fier were pretty darned good. give it a shot. and its plenty loud too.
but thats just my preference. for the money, i'd say get a roland.
muh .2 cts worth.
I have a Roland 30, it's a fantastic amp compared to others in the range. If you can, look at Vox Valvetronix 15, Spider II 30 Watts garnered quite a good review in this month guitar one magazine, but the 15 watter seems like a better buy though.
if you're lookign for something like a modelling amp, i believe that the spider, the cube30, and the vox are the ones you'd be looking at.

once had a johnson modelling amp, some time ago, and it gave me a lot of problems. its now lying in my backyard back home in indonesia.

my 5cents worth, i'd still tell you, get an 'analog' amp. it will sound sweeter like that. yeah. more costly for some, but its gonna be worth the investment. yupz.
headwan said:
ic....any detail abt the price....

shld be coming in dec. think its abt $295. if u put deposit with them then the price remains. if not, then u might have to pay higher price cos the above is actually their year-end sale price.
think the vox ad30vt is going for $320 sale price at citymusic. the 15watt version is going for $265 thereabouts me thinks.
just listened to some samples of the spider II 30...not my kind of sound...sounds too digital and pro experienced guitarist for me.

Thx to fiberdrive for telling me about the digi sound.