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i just got myself a line 6 echo park very recently and i am going crazy cause there are just so many weird and different features.

people who has it please care to share some settings?

i am looking more towards Boss dd6 sounding settings. cause keep getting weird sounds.

and also very importantly how to make it add dimension to a lead tone? i mean making it sound like playing in a huge stadium gig kind of shiok shiok sound? the dd6 could do that i dunno how to ever get that on this pedal.

please help! thanks a lot!
eh...hey man.sorry i can't really help you. just wanted to let u know i'm still experimenting around with the pedal too. used to have a dd6 too.
sound like a boss dd? set trails to off, MOD to lowest setting (7 o clock), mode setting to normal (tap), delay mode to digital (instead of tape/analog). mix, delay time and feedback set accordingly.

a big stadium sound? try to set mix such that the repeats dont overpower the original sound. feedback adjust till get 3-4 repeats and delay time such that the repeats are close together....

of course, the above could be entirely wrong, but hey, it's worth a try....
thanks a lot man. will go about experimenting somemore. for now this thing has many many features and possiblities but few seem to be practically useful.. hmmmm. anyone has any settings to share?
EH YAR HOR. suan ching getting brainier eh. must be the hot cream.

anyways i tried to get that nice stadium reverb sounding nice lead tone but it always repeat the sound at which i just plucked the string. and all i get is a muddy piece of mess. crapp.