LF christian musicians to jam together


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hello! I'm a fairly beginner drummer and loves to jam + improve my skills as a band.
If you like christian contemp songs (bethel, hillsong, jesus culture, etc) and can sing / play an instrument, we can do so together! can even cover pop songs as well :) it can be a chill jam sesh for now, no pressure. but maybe we could even work towards something further in future too.

best if you're from mid 20s to mid 30s, but just let me know if you're interested.
basically looking for :
- vocalist
- guitarist (acoustic / electric / bassist)
- keyboardist
- I'm open to others

you can write to me at tracy.lx33@gmail.com
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Hey, not sure if you're still jamming together, but I'm a 21 year old female bassist/acoustic guitarist/vocalist for church! :) would love to join you guys!
Hi, i've been playing lead guitar for a year now and looking for opportunities to hone my craft besides playing in church! Hmu if there's still an available spot!