let me share with you my pride and joy


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sorry, i am just in love with my main axe and i wanted to show all of you. :p

it has been a good 6 months so far.

warmoth neck (brazilian rosewood/maple, 1-5/8, 10" radius, 22 6100 nickel frets, bone nut, fatback neck carve)

Japanese thinline body (blueburst, swamp ash, twin hollowed chambers, callaham compensated brass saddles, callaham tele assembly with volume pot modded for push-pull 500k/250k switching)

lollar underwound p90 (neck)
lollar tele special neck (middle)
lollar tele special bridge (bridge)

1 - neck
2 - middle
3 - neck/bridge (like traditional tele)
4 - middle/bridge (like strat 4th position)
5 - bridge

loaded with d'addario 11s.

the guitar covers a range of sounds from fat p90, fat tele bridge, fat strattish middle sounds.
no mid humps, and sweet highs unlike most overwound pickups. just well-balanced big-sounding single coil sounds from the tele positions.
the hollowed chambers provide a depth different from a totally solidbody and heightened bass and highs.

works best with my deluxe reverb. :D
i wouldnt part it for any fender, gibson or prs.




thor666 said:
nice. except for the bridge... why does it look slanted? :?:

the slanted saddles are so that your tele can be correctly intonated.
you can never properly intonate a tele with a traditional straight 3 saddles. 8)