Left handed electric guitars

Hi All,

I´m a beginner looking to buy a left handed electric guitar in the range of 300-400$. I saw a Cort 250LH at Sweelee - is it a good buy for 300$?

Does anyone know of a place which sells/will get Ibanez left handed models like Gio / GRX ?

Y donch u try Yamaha´s ?

Their lefties are quick okz... and u can upgrade the PUs once u wan better sound.

Price is ard 400+

For Ibanez... "correct me if i´m wrong" They only have lefties for RG470 and RG1570 which is like 800 and above

U can try asking shops to help u bring in lefty models during their next bulk purchase so that u can enjoy the discounts =P

Hope it helps
don´t bother going to davis for lefties... they have a pretty pathetic ´collection´ of lefties there... only 3 of them. if that helps in any way.