Lead guitarist available!


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I am a lead guitarist. My preferred genre is hard rock, and progressive rock. My style is bluesy licks and fast legato runs.. willing to try out other genres also..
Hey Bro, I'm Nizzy. I'm looking for a lead guitarist for my band. I had a band previously, named Purple Haze. Did perform for just one gig at Arts House. But has disband due to lack of commitments from band members. Now, I would like to stat fresh with a new band. Ive already had a drummer. Myself playing rhthym guitar. Need to find a bassist too. Genre would be Hard Rock, 80s Rock and Alternative Rock. My Favourite Band Currently is Alter Bridge, so I guess you will know how will my music sounds like. If you're interested playing, text me at 92380322. I'm looking forward to work with you. Rock On \m/