Lakland Skyline DJ4 CAR, w/ J-retro, custom pickguard, straploks, 8.5lbs


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More pictures can be found here at DJ4 CAR/

This bass is now going for 1850. Will come with a gig bag. If you want the white lakland hardcase it can be sold separately.

Discontinued lakland daryl jones 4 in the discontinued colour candy apple red. Made in Korea in the year 2004, neck feels perfect and action can go ridiculously low. Actually the action is currently set ridiculously low.

The bass has the original Aeros pickups and is outfitted with the famous J-retro preamp.

Weighs only 8.5lbs!

Also has a custom made black pearloid pickguard and dunlop straploks on it to sweeten the deal. Condition is excellent other then 2 minor nicks on the headstock.

This was my main gigging bass but im now in need of a 5 stringer so i am willing to trade for 5 string laklands, either skyline or US, topups on either side can be arranged depending on the bass you are trading.

Also will trade for electric guitars, ash/maple teles, duesenbergs, gretschs, musicman, gibsons, topups to be arranged.

PM or sms 94774460 to deal.