Korg LE HELP!!


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Hi, Heard dat it's possible to partition e korg LE into 2 difft sounds.. as in e upper half of e keys is strings n e lower half is piano for example.. how do i go abt doin dat.. Pls help.. Thks..
There are a few areas where you can do this. You should really try the manual, but here's a quick low down:

1. Program mode. Actually just velocity switching.The 2 osc can be partitioned such that the velocity of a key can switch between one program sound and the next. [menu] ->[basic]->[osc1]/[osc2]->[velocity sw L->H]

This'll help do what you want:

2. Combi mode. [menu]->[keyz]->[key zone]. You've got up to eight there.

3. Seq mode. [menu]->[keyz]->[key zone]. 16 here.

Some limitations on effects and voices due to polyphony and processing power, but overall quite a good synth.