Keyboardist Wanted!


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Evening/morning all,
We're looking for a keyboardist to be a part of our band!
We have several original songs currently in the works and we do practice cover songs quite often
Some general info about us:
1) The current 4 of us (22-28y.o) consists of Vox+Guitar, Bass, Guitar#2 and Drums
2) We all live in the Tampines to Pasir Ris Area (if it matters to you), we chill together quite often, would love for the keyboardist to join us easily
3) We're targeting Noise and Baybeats, it's a goal and we're actively working towards it

If you're still reading at this point, I would like to invite you for a studio session and we can meet and play together then

Please feel free to Whatsapp/Telegram/Text me at 91oneone67eight6
Thanks for the time, hope to hear from you soon

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Hey all just to add in, please contact me directly, I'm afraid I might miss your post if you reply here; wouldn't want that to happen
Thanks and cheers