Jazzing up a blues progression

I think this is a great way to get into Jazz, instead of going straight into pure Jazz like Bop. (Which most rockers or anybody who don't listen to Jazz will juz go, whoa what is this??? Especially the Parker stuff, btw I never knew Parker could shred so long on the horn without taking any breath)

the "secret" blowing technique perhaps. Blow and breath at the same time. Hmmm, ok, that sounds weird :lol:
I'm not very familiar with this other technqiue but have read about it, something called tongueing, horn players are not suppose to tongue every note :twisted:

44ofjuly said:
haha, sorry jmguitar, we have turn this into a blow, breath and tonguing thread :lol:

no prob ..... its always good to have some tongue-in-cheek comments once in awhile (excuse the pun)
Sorry from me too.

Here's 2 jazzed up blues prog from me:

First one up is a simple jazzed up one using some ii-V-I

A7 |D7 |A7 |Em7 A7|
D7 |Bm7 E7 |A7 |F7 |
Bm7 |E7 |A7 Fm7 |Bm7 A7|

I believe the one above is quite similiar to the link by JM....didn't go through it throughly

Adv. Jazz Blues:
A13 |D9 |A13 |Em7 A7#5b9|
D9 |D7 D#dim |A13 Bm7 |C#7 F#9|
B13 |E9 |A13 A#dim|Bm7 E9