Jackson USA Soloist SL1 Cherry Sunburst


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Low insane price for this great awesome guitar. And you know how hard it is to find a MIA Jackson locally.

Great condition, 1 paint chip as pictured, no big deal because Jacksons are built to be durable and able to take a long hard life on the road, but this is still in great condition so don't worry.

Changes made: tuners to BC Rich, OFR to Jackson licensed Floyd (dive only like EVH), locking nuts to unbranded, the 3 Seymour Duncan pickups to Jackson pickups from a 90s Japanese Jackson (these pickups sound awesome, NOT crappy).

No hardcase. Have factory inspection card signed by the Jackson guys.

Previously tried to sell it stock at $3200 but no takers, so made the above mentioned changes so that I can adjust the price downwards to $2400. This is a $800 difference from my original asking price, the savings is more than worth it for the buyer. I won't restore back to stock so don't ask. After you buy it, you have the flexibility to change the hardware and pickups to your own preference and if you choose the parts wisely, you still get to save money than if you buy it stock from me for $3200. Or just leave it as it is and enjoy the $800 savings, it plays and sounds great as it is anyway, this is a MIA Jackson for goodness sake. Can give better price if deal by this weekend but don't lowball. Not looking for trade unless you'll be topping up significant amount of cash.