Jackson SL4X DX Soloist - Gloss Black - 2 day old 7/6/20


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I bought this baby on 5/6/20
unable to test it due to COVID.
came on 6/6/20
and I cannot find good reasons to make this my workhorse.
Think i will stick to Actives for now.

used for 2 days upon listing.
condition: 9.8/10
I bought it at SGD 949
I'm letting go at SGD 750 on 7/6/20.
I have removed the plastic off the pick guard.
there are also faint nail scratch marks under the middle pick up region - sorry.
I have set up the guitar and Floyd rose bridge for E tuning.

this guitar is equipped with 3x duncan designed hot rails.
- not suitable for my needs.
- perfect for blues and hard rock.
- I needed something more wet.
- I love the 2nd position sound though.

the money you will save can allow you to buy some solid pickups to upgrade.
guitar comes without bag.
no hardcase.

Jackson Neck Thru Soloist.
Classic Jackson Headstock.
24 jumbo frets
compound radius neck
Floyd rose special
laurel fretboard
Poplar body

Sample of my recorded tone
Both Rhythm and Lead

Please Text me as i am no active here
Joseph Tan


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