Jackson RR and the like, need some feedback


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im thinking of getting one, either a Jackson RR or ESP SV, if you ever played one, i need some feedback on how well it plays and stuff

The ESP SV costs really a B*tch seriously. I wanted to get it also once. It costs about 2.5K USD. Jackson RR japan are cheaper 1k below. The USa Select RR is another pain costs about 2k US.
This is my good mates jackson signed by slayer with emg 81's. its the nicest sounding guitar i've ever touched and is soo nice to play.

the RR5 was listed for $2.6 @ sweelee last time...

i hv it, n i find tt it has quite a similar sound compared to LPs...quite bassy..

its more suited to rock/metal stuff (obviously lookin at the shape..)...clean dun sound tt great..

(oh ya, anyone knows whr i can find a bag tt the RR can fit in?)
wouldnt havea clue but thats a floyd rose in that pic i posted.

not sure if it camew like that though, I think my friend added it.