Jackson DK2 Hotrod flames


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Brand: Jackson
Model: DK2 blue orange flames (discontinued)
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood with binding
Construction: Bolt-On with neck plate
Body: Alder
Pickups: Duncan Designed HSS set
Bridge: Jackson JT580LP
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Condition: Superb
Comes with: Tremolo bar and third party hard case
Price: $900
Reason for sale: Cash
Special Feature: The finish is handpainted and signed off by the Japanese Master

Bought this for playing 80s rock tunes, but this guitar can do so much more than that, as the Duncan Designed HSS combo is supremely versatile for all sorts of musical styles and genres. 24 frets and Floyd Rose add ultimate versatility as you won't be limited by the number of frets when you solo, and the Floyd Rose enables you to add whammy bar trickery to your licks. The famous Jackson compound radius neck is a versatile love-love affair as it is optimal for rhythm, solo and bends, unlike some necks that is good for one but not the others. Love this guitar, but need to raise cash for other commitments.