Is The Olp MM2 Bass good?...

subversion said:
it's a good bass per se, do not look forward to re-create Stingray type tones with it though...

I bought an MM3, sounds quite similar to an SR5 if you ask me.

hasanur said:
Budget would be ard $500...

If you REALLY like the sound of a Stingray, and dont mind stick to it throughout many songs, get the MM2.
hahah alwasys been admiring ur sound and ur skills. hey aeroplane is that a song/band?
Yo Fadz,

youre not so shabby yourself :) nice going @ powerjam!

Its a song by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, sorta like a modern funk pop anthem. Its the only song recorded with a Stingray by Flea, so i thought i was kinda appropriate to use the bassline as a sample. Goodnite!
be careful what you say here. i frequent Davis & have pleasant encounters all the time, so it might be something personal with you.
but it seems like they only have the mm2 on display...haven really seen the they have that? or izzit just that they dun put it on display...where did ya see the $550 mm3(3notesAbar)?
I saw it near the window, at the slanting displays section. I prefered this one over the other 2 hanging vertically, so i bought it.