Introducing: Leeson


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Hi all. Leeson is a new alternative rock band and we will be releasing our debut EP "Hero Music" soon. We hope to inject a new vibe into the scene with a different kind of sound and we need your support!

Leeson are guitarists Gerald Teo and Thomas Wu, Singer Jamie Gibibings, Bassist Brian Koh and drummer Mark Cheng. This truly is a special project born out of a mindless passion for making music, the product of which is our labour of love; the Hero Music EP (Produced, recorded and mixed by Leonard Soosay, so you know it's gonna be a great sounding record).

We will also be playing our debut show at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay - outdoor theatre on Saturday 8th January '05 as part of the Esplanade's 'On The Waterfront' Concert series come down and experience the music for yourself.

We will keep all of you at SOFT updated on the EP release. In the meantime you can find more information and preview the EP songs on our website
not bad i like ur stuff. Nice clean funky guitars.
Leonard Soosay? isnt that the one who did Ronin's ep too?

will be there at ur show \m/
Yes he did. And he is currently working with them on their full length album. Mr Soosay has also produced the albums of Sherene's Closet, The Borephucks (The Suns), and more recently Pug Jelly and Electrico. Qualifying him truly as being "The Man".
Leeson effin rock. The EP's absolutely great...congratulations guys. Hope the live show kicks some serious arse too. Good to hear the gears are cranked and the steam is rising...welcome to the new contenders for the invisible throne.

the rest of you - if you want to know what Leeson sound like, I thought what Leonard Soosay said was pretty apt - "they're like the missing link between OK Computer and Kid A". Now that is something to write home about.