Intro: Travis


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A good hello to all of you in here. My name's travis and a friend recommended this webbie and i find it enriching. Everyone here seems to eat n breathe music. Which is great!!
Appreciate your welcomes. Travis Barker?! Hah..nothing close to him. He's my mode of motivation and drive though. And yes..i happened to be a drummer. What music i like and listen?

-Smashing Pumpkins (My all-time favourite and will always be!!)

-Pearl Jam..The Cardigans..The Cranberries..mainly 90's grunge/rock.

Starting on progressive rock just recently.
hello spinkgirl. Their drummings may not be donati-ish skilled but i just like the groove of it. The simplicity astounds me. Though not simple to create 'em. Ahah.
Rotlung said:
It's a recent band. Average to decent, though I wouldn't recommend it over Radiohead.

What do you mean?

No..i don't know any stuff bout FinalFantasy. So yea..i don't think i know anyone in here..yet.